Date: 27th February 2017

International Employment Law Update - March 2017



New rules on worker surveillance and safety

A lesson for franchisors

Dismissal of niqab-wearing employee not unlawful discrimination

Stopping illegal working

 Bosnia and Herzegovina
New Rulebook on employee record keeping

The Brazilian office romance

Posting an employee to Bulgaria

Online system to register expat employees

“Without Cause” dismissals at federally regulated employers

Maternity rights in Colombia

  Costa Rica
Paid paternity leave for single fathers

Changes to legal framework for foreign workers

 Czech Republic
Commercial landlords beware

Dismissal of childminder with a disabled child held not to be discriminatory

Temporarily posting employees to Estonia

Smorgasbord of New Finnish Employment Legislation

The French right to disconnect

Tighter rules on temporary workers

Part time employment on the rise

 Hong Kong
Updated Guidance on HandlingDataAccess Requests(“DARs”)

Freedom of expression on social media

Trade Union Activism & Whistleblowing

Preventing abuse in the workplace

Attempt to revive reinstatement as remedy for unfair dismissal

Employers told to be more flexible over childcare

Foreign Worker Quotas

New law encouraging volunteer workers

Major rewrite to Lithuania’s Labour Code

Expanded rights to notice and severance pay

What defines “manual work?”

 The Netherlands
When is a worker ‘self-employed’?

Changes on retirement benefits and International Convention

New rules on migration and temporary employment

 The Philippines
Duterte – death to Contractualization

New minimum wage and more

New rules on “exit permits” for Qatar expats?

Now possible to dismiss employees by email 

Russia’s remote CEOs

 Saudi Arabia
2017 trends: further Saudisation

New Serbian Law on Secondment Abroad

The meaning of serious misconduct

 Slovak Republic
New rules on cross-border posting of employees and illegal workers

Crackdown on “disguised employment”

 South Korea
Contract Renewal for Fixed-Term Employees

Defining ‘homeworking’

New rules on holidays, rest days & overtime

A New Minimum Wage

Automatic Enrolment in Private Pension Plans

Penalties for late payment of salaries & increased parental leave

Minimum wage doubles


The Future World of Work
Q&A: Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Regulations freeze and the end of the Affordable Healthcare Act
Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”