30 Jul 2019

Highlights from the latest session of The Zebra Project, where we discussed how these two fundamentals are the route to business success.

Diversity and inclusion has to be intentional. Business leaders are increasingly realising the importance of proactive self-reflection – they need to acknowledge and understand the genuine current landscape within their organisations, for better or worse, to be able to move forwards, address any issues and champion these themes with true authenticity.

In a recent survey, diversity and inclusion were proven to have a very real impact on business success – when truly present in the workplaces of the companies questioned, returns increased substantially and significantly. Diversity and inclusion should therefore be an intrinsic part of our innovation, not a separate conversation. By treating each other equally well, not just equally, people will feel included and empowered to be their true selves – to speak up and act creatively, knowing that they’ll be heard. Having the right people at every level of the business, particularly leaders, who believe in this message and make it a part of their everyday behaviour is when diversity of thought flourishes and true transformation can happen.

The latest session from The Zebra Project took place in London, with an emphasis on open discussion, insight and constructive conversations. Attendees from a cross-section of industries gathered to listen to thoughts from guest speakers Ed Horrocks (The Hoxby Collective), Soreya Senior (Agenus), Anya Navidski (Voulez Capital) and Linbert Spencer OBE (The Centre for Inclusive Leadership), who all brought different perspectives on what it means to be truly inclusive and diverse.

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