3 Apr 2018

Artificial intelligence has rapidly filtered into our lives and is here to stay. For businesses and wider society, the potential benefits are immense. Diseases can be diagnosed and treated with greater accuracy, fraud can be spotted more effectively, productivity can be boosted and human error removed from all sorts of decision-making processes.

But to get the most out of the technology, humans must relinquish some control and allow a machine to learn, correcting and improving its outcomes as it processes ever larger quantities of data.

This is what makes AI a scary thing. It can out-operate us, but many people have a limited understanding of how it actually works or the boundaries of its capabilities.

It is this element of the unknown that is fuelling another AI debate centred on ethics and governance. Drawing on the discussions from our latest Zebra Project session, here are five burning questions that were debated on this topic and our responses.

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