30 Mar 2020

As the coronavirus spreads, charities are taking care of others and themselves.

In these difficult times, it’s been heartening to see our charities and broader civil society do what they do best – respond positively and practically to help their beneficiaries and wider society.  From expert advice and expedited medical research, to practical support for changes to daily life and collaborative working for vulnerable people, charities are at the forefront of helping us all cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve also been impressed by the calm and thoughtful efforts our charity clients are making to keep their services running, look after their people and adjust their operations to cope with the disruption.

To keep you up to speed with the implications of the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak and guide your organisation’s response, our charities and social ventures team has gathered together some of the latest, most useful links for our charity clients.

We are keeping this list up to date: please let us know if you have found other materials useful, or if you have any particular questions or issues that we could usefully cover.

The links below include articles we have prepared about reviewing contracts and force majeure clauses, lease negotiations, and workers in the gig economy.

Key Information

Governance and regulation

Finances and operations

Employment and remote working

Beneficiaries and services

Fundraising / Events

Contracts and force majeure

We hope this is helpful – please do let us know if you have other useful resources to share, or if there’s anything else we can do to support your charity at this time.

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