12 Jul 2019

Uniting an antibody discovery innovator with a fast-growing pharmaceutical company, to develop new cancer treatments.

The challenge

Located in Cambridge UK, IONTAS is a biotechnology company which focuses on the discovery and development of novel therapeutic antibodies.

LG Chem, the largest Korean-based chemical company, wanted to access IONTAS’ expertise to support treatment of cancers, by using antibodies against biological targets.

Our support

LG Chem has already developed several original products, including Korea’s first growth hormone for children and new drugs for diabetes. One of its key projects is identifying therapeutic oncology leads for cancer treatment, and LG Chem had chosen to partner with IONTAS, for its track record and technical knowledge.

We advised IONTAS on its collaboration agreements with LG Chem. We provided IONTAS with a rationale to take to LG, explaining their contract structure and definitions, and their position on key issues including IP ownership and risk allocation.

This was needed because IONTAS’ services differ from regular drug discovery services, where the output is novel chemicals. With IONTAS, the antibody fragments ultimately delivered to the customer already exist its extensive libraries of 40 billion clones. By searching its libraries, IONTAS identifies which of those antibody fragments has the characteristics and properties that best fit the customer’s target antigen.

With this stage completed successfully, we moved forward to review, advise on and where necessary, amend the agreements to all parties’ satisfaction.

Making great things happen

Dr Neil Butt, CBO of IONTAS said, “This new agreement marks IONTAS’ expansion into the Asian market, and we are delighted to have been selected by LG Chem after a rigorous diligence process.

“The application of our proprietary technologies will assist LG Chem in expanding its current therapeutic pipeline by generating leads against pre-defined specifications agreed at the project outset.”

The new agreement will help build IONTAS’ reputation in world markets and secure its position at the cutting edge of antibody discovery and technology development.

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