“Dinner is served, by your robot chef.” It sounds like a line from a sci-fi film, but it’s a fully-functioning reality created by our client Karakuri.

Karakuri (Japanese for mechanised puppets) has created the world’s first fully customisable food preparation system, combining robotics, automation and machine learning.

Karakuri’s DK-One combines user-selected accurate portion control, multiple ingredient choice and high output, producing and serving a meal in less than two minutes from order to serving. Not only is DK-One fast and precise, it also eliminates two of the main costs for restaurants: inaccurate and wasteful portion control, and staff costs.

Taylor Vinters supported Karakuri in their recent £6.3m Future Fund raise, liaising with their existing investor panel, including First Minute Capital, Hoxton Ventures and Taylor Brothers, together with corporate VC funds, and guidance from Ocado the online retailer.

In the post-pandemic world where people may be wary about human contact, Karakuri’s technology could be an appetising choice for restaurants, canteens, hospitals, schools and any venues that want to serve healthy food, fast. You can read more about Karakuri’s DK One here.