24 Apr 2017

Replacing 200 law firms to support a major MNC restructure

The challenge

Our client, a multi-billion dollar turnover MNC headquartered in the US, appointed us to help them overcome a considerable legal obstacle to their much needed restructure. Their business required a major commercial and strategic turnaround, to meet new objectives, centralise and consolidate, and create operational, structural and cost efficiencies.

New to the company and without access to any corporate history, the management team inherited a disconnected workforce of 5,000 employees, spread across more than 30 jurisdictions and often working at cross-purposes. Initiating improvements was made even more difficult by the MNC’s legacy legal services structure, which retained over 200 law firms with no overall view of cost, quality or consistency.

Our support

We worked in close collaboration with our client to ensure a smooth transition from the 200 law firms of their previous, decentralised legal model, to a uniform, efficient international counsel.

With one centralised legal team providing a more holistic, proactive service, our client now benefits from corporate consistent advice. Our lawyers based in London and Singapore work in unison, reacting to operational HR questions or projects from anywhere across their workforce. Our answers and solutions focus specifically on meeting their commercial mandates. This includes reporting on metrics and trends, and supplying legal spend details in a format that feeds directly into their budget structure.

Making great things happen

We helped our client move from an inefficient and unmanageable legal structure that was proving an insuperable barrier to introducing vital workforce changes, to a legal service that delivers exactly what they need. Our international counsel complements and helps facilitate the management team’s objectives, allowing them to instigate their company turnaround. In this way we believe we’ve added, and continue to add, true value to their business.