26 Apr 2019

Supporting Azadyne in their advances to cure diseases such as MS.

The challenge

Azadyne Ltd is a pharma R&D company with a pioneering approach to treating currently incurable autoimmune diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis. Azadyne’s novel approach is based on research conducted at Trinity College Dublin, which identified a naturally occurring nutrient that can control autoimmune response in the body.

With very promising laboratory results, there was a pressing need to spin out a company which could then be funded, allowing research to proceed to the trials stage.

Our support

With Trinity College handling the initial spin-out into an Irish registered company, our role was to redomicile the company to the UK, which was effected by way of share for share exchange. This was necessary to help Azadyne secure funding from the VC investors.

Working within tight deadlines, we handled the cross-border, Ireland to UK redomiciliation, liaising with Irish counsel to accelerate this IP-rich transaction. We simultaneously advised on the investment, which was led by NCL Technology Ventures and Kent Life Science Fund, along with a number of private investors.

NCL Technology Ventures is a specialist venture investor with a focus on science and technology companies. Kent Life Science Fund is a £50m venture capital fund which invests in small high-growth companies active in life sciences.

Making great things happen

Autoimmunity occurs when the body mistakenly attacks itself, which can lead to chronic, debilitating diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Currently, these diseases are not curable.

Azadyne’s unique research gives new hope for improved therapeutic outcomes for patients and their families. It has shown striking efficacy in pre-clinical studies against a range of autoimmune diseases, yet does not compromise the body’s immune system.

This £1.5m funding will accelerate Azadyne’s development programme through pre-clinical work to its first first-in-human trials, expected to begin soon.

Dr Jason Rutt, Chief Executive Officer at Azadyne said, “Our approach to autoimmune disease has the capacity to treat a number of diseases with no cure, including MS. We are grateful to have the support of NCL moving into the next exciting round of the company’s development, as we seek to remedy this urgent unmet medical need.”

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