24 Oct 2017

Securing a significant donation against the odds.

The challenge

We were approached by a national medical research charity which funds research into a specific medical condition. The charity was offered a very sizeable donation from a private individual who was selling his company. Unfortunately the donation was at risk, due to a family dispute in which the donor was involved. As they involved a very complex and critical point of law, the proceedings in the family dispute had attracted a lot of media attention.

The charity was concerned the donation could be lost if it was challenged in the family proceedings, or by shareholders in the business, and there was a threat to the charity’s reputation too.

Our support

We negotiated with all the parties secure the donation for the charity. As this was understandably a delicate matter, we had to tread carefully; yet there was a need for urgency too, as matters had to be resolved before the company sale, just two weeks away.

Three partners from Taylor Vinters, covering charity, family and corporate law, worked together to achieve a positive outcome. There were a number of complex technical issues to overcome in each of these specialist areas of law. Throughout the negotiations we maintained an open, transparent approach, earning the trust of all parties.

Making great things happen

Despite the unusual circumstances where the donation might potentially be challenged in the High Court proceedings, our approach and handling of the matter in a situation which had become highly acrimonious, enabled the donation to be made.

The charity benefited from a substantial contribution of funds that will ultimately help those affected by this medical condition enjoy a better quality of life. We continue to support the charity, and many others, with a wide range of advice including safeguarding against reputational risk and protecting the intellectual property in their research.

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