13 Nov 2017

Helping Congenica become a world leader in genome analytics.

The challenge

A brilliant concept is only truly brilliant if it can be applied effectively. The Congenica story shows what can happen when our Growth team is involved from the outset with pioneering scientific research that needs legal and commercial guidance.

Congenica is a world leader in genome analysis and interpretation. Its software platform, Sapientia, enables a major advance in personalised medicine: understanding why some individuals’ genetics mean they respond better to certain medicines than others. Using Sapientia software helps health professionals significantly reduce the side effect and wasted expense of prescribing the wrong drugs or inappropriate doses. It also helps identify rare genetic diseases in babies and children in minutes rather than years – which could prevent irreparable, life-long damage.

Our support

The groundbreaking research originated at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where its potentially life-saving value was immediately clear. To help the researchers take their concept to market, an angel investor specialising in healthcare and life sciences introduced them to us. We were involved with Congenica right from the outset, and our relationship has developed from there.

Building a relationship is at the heart of our Growth team’s philosophy. We support our clients throughout their journey; in Congenica’s case, working with the founders on everything from procuring access to the intellectual property that had been developed within the Institute through to multiple rounds of fundraising and commercial exploitation of Sapientia, providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of their legal needs.

Specialising in technology and life sciences, and located close to the Cambridge innovation cluster, our Growth team is ideally qualified to be relationship advisors to nascent innovators. While the team is the primary point of contact for Congenica, they can also draw on the expertise of our cross-practice experts. We’ve advised them on licensing for customers worldwide, cross-border HR issues and leasing the premises for their new Biodata Innovation Centre in the Cambridge Wellcome Genome Campus.

Making great things happen

We’ve provided the legal and commercial guidance that’s helped Congenica evolve from its initial research stage to a company with global recognition and influence. Its Sapientia analysis platform is now used by many research organisations and NHS trusts in the UK, and leading pharma companies and institutions in the EU, US and China.

Our Growth team will continue to provide Congenica with close personal support, plus the benefits of our cross-practice expertise and international network, as the company moves closer to becoming the worldwide leader in data solutions for diagnosing genetic disease.

About Congenica

Congenica has developed its pioneering research technology at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to create Sapientia, a genome analytics platform that supports faster and easier diagnosis of rare genetic diseases. Congenica is now acknowledged as a global leader in genome data analysis and its award-winning Sapientia software is in use worldwide.

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