Supporting a groundbreaking AI client throughout a global rebrand.

The challenge

Secondmind Ltd is a decision-enabling company that is closing the gap between people and AI to empower better decisions. By applying practical machine learning research, they have developed the Secondmind Decision Engine, a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses across multiple industries make decisions easily and confidently.

A long-standing Taylor Vinters client previously named, the company had been developing their Secondmind Decision Engine for over four years. They wanted their rebrand to coincide with their transition from a research-led to a research-powered commercial entity. The change to Secondmind Ltd would be applied across all their global markets.

Our support

Our Brand Protection team worked with counsel from around the world, to help the client assess the availability of their chosen name and weigh up any potential risks. We also drew on the expertise of our Corporate team who looked after the company name aspects of the rebrand.

Having identified a company in the US with prior rights, we worked with US counsel to negotiate the purchase of a bundle of trade mark rights, domain names and social media handles for the client.

We are now consolidating the trade mark portfolio for the new name around the world, advising on new brand assets and product names, as well as operating a monitoring service that identifies potential third party infringements.

Making great things happen

Secondmind successfully launched at the end of September 2020 and our client is delighted with how the whole process was handled.

Gary Brotman, Vice President of Product & Marketing at Secondmind Ltd said, “It’s an incredible challenge to create and precisely align a new brand name with a company and product promise, and we were very fortunate to have the global Taylor Vinters team partner with us on this quest.

“From the early vetting of brand name candidates to the negotiation to acquire and protect the Secondmind trademark and asset portfolio, the Taylor Vinters team executed flawlessly and provided superb strategic counsel every step of the way.”

The project demonstrated the strength and experience of our Brand Protection service, integrated with our ONE international counsel model, which seamlessly combines and manages the local knowledge of local counsel around the world.

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