Going beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Innovation is woven into the fabric of our business and this is reflected in our novel approach to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR).

At Taylor Vinters we are proud to support our entrepreneurially minded staff in making great things happen for the causes they care about.

Individuals from across the firm work together, utilise their skills, and leverage our resources to achieve their own goals in relation to a remarkable range of ventures and activities.

From more traditional fundraisers and sponsored challenges, through to providing practical support such as meeting spaces and collaborating with charities on campaigns to enhance their offering and exposure – our policy of supported autonomy enables variety and encourages firm-wide engagement. We are always excited to see what our staff has planned!

As well as supporting charities that are important to us, and being active in the many communities of which we are a part, our approach to CSR means reducing our impact on the environment and treating our stakeholders well.

CSR is reflected in our core values, and the ethical approach we adopt day-to-day in our legal and business practice, whether as part of the business community or on the international stage.

With our clients

This is represented through:

  • Doing business in a responsible way – open, honest, and with integrity
  • Pursuing excellence in our service to clients – helping them to make a difference in the world they operate in

With our staff

This is represented through:

  • Bringing on board and developing the best people
  • Maintaining a commitment to equality and diversity
  • Creating a positive working environment – job satisfaction, rewarding and interesting careers, and an active social scene

In our communities

This is represented through:

  • Empowering our innovative and entrepreneurial colleagues to combine their skills with our resources to make great things happen
  • Supporting our staff in providing pro bono legal services, and mentoring activities
  • Encouraging our staff (collectively and individually) to take part in a range of ventures and fundraising activities, with the freedom to choose the causes they feel most passionate about. In rewarding their initiative with financial and practical support, we only back those projects which our people choose to champion

For our environment

This is represented through:

  • Carefully managing the impact of our business – socially and environmentally

Playing our part in sharing best practice, and encouraging behaviours that can achieve this in the workplace e.g. from recycling to travel, energy use to sourcing services from local suppliers.