For Burnley-based The Modern Milkman, the starting point was David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. The sight of all that plastic floating in the oceans spurred on an initiative that customers were eager to support – to remove all plastic from their deliveries.

The Modern Milkman began as a group of friends running a local milk round and delivering milk and juice in reusable glass bottles. Increasing customer demand, driven by growing environmental awareness, saw the group expand to a regional network, connecting several dairies and their communities.

Demand for milk and grocery deliveries has rocketed during the pandemic and The Modern Milkman sought funding to enable their expansion. We acted for them in their £5,024,999 Series A round, which completed just before Christmas 2020. The main investor was the Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF) who invested just under £5m. ETF supports companies that deliver sustainability through innovation.

The Modern Milkman will use the Series A funding to grow its operations beyond the North of England, to help new customers move away from plastics and towards more sustainable lifestyles. The company’s range now includes groceries and household items, all in recyclable or biodegradable packaging and not a single use plastic item in sight.

With The Modern Milkman’s focus on high quality, ecologically responsible practices and products, plus the convenience of home delivery, we foresee worthwhile benefits for our client and the environment.