6 Mar 2023

Taylor Vinters is delighted to have supported BigSis, the British-based agtech start-up, which closed a £4.5 million Series A funding round in late 2022 which will support its rollout of chemical-free insect control for horticulture and agriculture.

Led by Regenerate Ventures and other key repeat investors, the successful closure of this latest funding round will further drive the delivery of the first commercial sales of their SWD solution this year – enabling BigSis to scale up the pilot plant to a fully functioning unit, helping to maximise the fulfilment of increasing order numbers.

BigSis aims to provide farmers and growers with a viable environmentally friendly alternative to chemical insecticides, using AI and robotics to achieve their goal. Their solutions are based on the sterile insect technique (SIT), breeding and sterilising male insects, to then release them into the crop where they will mate with wild females, producing no offspring. This process prevents the accelerated increase in pest populations which often leads to crop damage.

The team at TV said “What Glen and the team at BigSis are creating – an urgently needed sustainable alternative to chemical insecticide – may have started in Britain but with this recent investment, BigSis can now scale up and change the future of the world. Preliminary discussions surrounding the investment started in 2021 and so it was incredibly satisfying to then see the fundraising through to its conclusion at the end of 2022.”

BigSis founder and CEO Glen Slade said, “After several years of work to develop and perfect our technology platform, the successful conclusion of the Series A round is a milestone for BigSis.

“It’s a vindication of our innovative SIT approach and supports our ambition to become a multi-billion-pound crop protection company, providing the world’s farmers with effective, affordable and environmentally benign options for the control of damaging insect pests.

“I’m delighted with the outcome.”