29 Jul 2022

What do we want? Funding for important Sexual and Reproductive Health Platforms! When do we want it? Now!

Taylor Vinters is delighted to have supported the innovative, Femtech start-up, The Lowdown, who have just closed a $2.5 million seed funding round to support its ground-breaking reproductive health platform. Speedinvest led the round, with additional backing by The Lowdown’s existing investors, Calm/Storm VC, Nina Capital, Atomico Angels and Entreprenur First. They are now joined by new angel investors including Dorothy Chou (DeepMind), Scott Mackin (Denham Capital) and Catherine Lenson (Softbank).

Based in London, Marija Ziterbart (CTO) and Alice Pelton (CEO) formed what has become one of the most popular sexual and reproductive health platforms in the UK, visited by 70,000 people each month. The community-centred platform puts women first, giving them the means to control their healthcare with contraception guidance, prescriptions, and important medical advice.

Scott Parmenter, Associate in the Corporate team at Taylor Vinters commented:

“Congratulations to Alice, Marjia and the team at The Lowdown. We look forward to seeing their continued growth and innovation as one of the UK’s leading Femtech platforms.”