A guide to help employers navigate issues relating to the menopause at work.

Talking about the menopause at work is more important than ever, we believe it is crucial that employers embrace the “menopause conversation”. The menopause is a topic that has generally been shied away from until relatively recently. Employees of menopausal age represent the fasting growing sector of the UK labour force. It goes without saying, that employers need to be alive to the issues faced by those going through the Menopause.

With expert advice gathered from across our teams, our guide highlights key matters such as:

  • What we mean by the menopause
  • The issues faced by menopausal staff and their rights
  • How unfair treatment connected to the menopause can be challenged
  • Key cases coming out of the tribunals where the menopause has been cited as an issue
  • What employers should do to manage menopause-related issues at work
  • Looking at what is happening at parliamentary level to develop rights and awareness of the relevant issues

Our Menopause guide is now available to download using the form below.