We’ll help you shape a better world, with our Social Venture Handbook

We admire and support businesses that are committed to a social and/or environmental purpose. To help you set up your social venture and structure it to achieve your aims, we’ve created a Social Venture Handbook.

Based on our experience of advising many successful social ventures, it guides you through the process of creating, funding, scaling up and ensuring your operation is sustainable for years to come. The handbook summarises the key features of a social venture, helps you decide what is right for your business and points out the legal aspects you’ll need to consider.

It also covers the crucial topic of funding and how your venture might evolve, whilst always focussing on your vision for positive change.

To download your copy of our Social Venture Handbook, please fill in the form below. You can find out more about our Social Venture service here.

If you have questions or need further advice, our Team will be ready to help, so please get in touch.