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At Taylor Vinters we are all for tech that empowers people to live healthier happier lives and promotes a fairer society. We’re proud to work with many clients in this vibrant growing sector but also recognise this area of digital health faces its own challenges, not least around the ‘femtech’ label commonly used to describe it.

Through a series of in-person discussion focused events with our clients and networks we aim to delve deeper into the challenges this sub-genre faces – access to funding, AI bias, data privacy, the impact of Roe Vs Wade, and also the opportunities available through partnerships and public/private sector collaboration

Join us for our first ‘campfire’ event to kick start these discussions.

WHEN: 2 November 2022

WHERE: Floor 33, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HQ (View maps)

DETAILS: Arrive 4pm. The discussion starts at 4.30pm-6pm followed by networking, drinks and light bites.


Andrea Berchowitz, founder of Vira Health which promotes better menopause care says

“Femtech is a word increasingly I don’t use at all. I think it played a role in drawing attention to a part of healthtech/medtech/digital health. I think it’s fine as a sub-genre of that (like insuretech is of fintech). But two things are not good about it: Treating all female founders as if they are founding femtech businesses, and then ‘othering’ femtech from digital health. I get invited to events to be part of the ‘femtech’ service line – we are a digital health business. I want to sit at the same tables as the people tackling cancer and speak to the same investors”

Alice Pelton, founder of The Lowdown a contraception review, advice and prescription platform says

Anything that help investors and partners understand who we are and what we do quickly is great. There are downsides related to the way we talk about gender and see this as women’s issues, but in a practical sense I’ve only seen the benefits of having a label when it comes to things like fundraising and PR”

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