Global territory reports

Tailored reports, specific to your business sector, answering your questions about doing business or managing people in any territory, worldwide.

Gaining a clear, high level, understanding of the legal requirements and restrictions of a territory where you want to do business or manage people will help you make better informed, more successful decisions and smooth the path to doing business in that territory.

Our global territory reports enable this, by giving you an accurate, cost-effective and comprehensive high level overview of your selected territory, fast.

How it works

We send you a questionnaire asking what information you want to know. Typically, it could cover items such as:

  • Regulatory regimes relating to your business, e.g. IT services provider/telecoms provider;
  • Data Protection regime;
  • IP protection and prosecution;
  • Export Control;
  • Payment terms and enforcement;
  • Tax considerations;
  • Public Procurement considerations;
  • Dispute Resolution regimes including enforcement of judgements;
  • Employment considerations; and
  • Local customs.

We then use this questionnaire for each territory you are interested in, anywhere in the world.

Your answers within two weeks

Once you have defined the information you want and we have agreed the questionnaire, we will send you the results within two weeks.

You’ll receive the completed questionnaire and a key issues report, which highlights the most important findings from the questionnaire.

The benefits

  • Consistency – making it easy to compare information about different territories you may be interested in.
  • Convenience – providing precisely the answers you want, because the questionnaire is tailored specifically to your needs and has been developed in collaboration with you and your business.
  • Accuracy – all information is verified and from official sources.


We can provide a full version of the report, together with a later refresh of the answers if required. Alternatively, you can choose a shorter, cut-down report.

For more information about a global territory report or to arrange your questionnaire, please get in touch.