Life at Taylor Vinters

Big is fine, smart is better.

If you want to be noticed, valued and rewarded, then you’re looking in the right place. We don’t try to be the biggest, but we do want to be the smartest – and that’s reflected in our people and how we work.

We don’t like to toe the line; to support the status quo; to keep our heads down. We are happiest when we are challenging and contrary, when we achieve our success by refusing to accept how we have been pigeon holed or what a law is supposed to be.

We are most valuable when we are working with clients that have the same philosophy. We are energised and excited when we are working with clients who want to challenge their own circumstances or environment, to test the boundaries and assumptions that might constrain them and by doing so, make great things happen. We are passionate about being part of that.

It is a mind-set, not a sector or a market. Its not about size and there isn’t a sweet spot client. Diversity is important. It is about being part of a tribe of people – staff, clients and collaborators – who think and have the courage to behave in the same way.

So, we are setting out to define ‘challenge’ as a positive thing – a perspective that has value, helping our clients understand and achieve their goals by managing risk, informing and helping them shape their decisions, and by capturing the value of our network for them. It is also a culture we are endeavouring to develop in and around our own organisation.

There are some other important things you should know about us. We are friendly and we like to enjoy what we do and the experience of working in collaboration. We have committed to being positive; courageous; respectful; open and approachable. We want to avoid negativity; politics and self-promotion. This is the environment in which we are happiest and it is the environment that will support collective success.

Your next move

Take a look at our opportunities, but most of all, talk to us. We’re friendly and we’d love to hear from you.

Your next move

Take a look at our opportunities, but most of all, talk to us.

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