Making your Will, made easier

How often have you resolved to sort out a Will, only for the demands of daily life to get in the way?

Now, we’ve made it easy for you to get your Will sorted by introducing a flexible, straightforward service that fits around your busy schedule.

Three simple steps to peace of mind:

01. Complete our online questionnaire

  • At a pace that suits you, saving your answers as you go
  • Prompts you about the choices to make
  • Identifies the documents you need to locate
  • Lets you decide what’s important to you right now and your priorities

02. Meet one of our specialist lawyers

  • Our virtual consultations combine the benefits of an online service without losing the personal touch – we’ll schedule a meeting at a time to suit you (in-person if you prefer)
  • Expert advice. Most online Will drafting solutions don’t cover the documents governing your business or any other complex issues. We will help you to think everything through and ensure that your wishes are captured in your estate and succession planning documents.

03. Sign your documents

  • We’ll discuss what you need and deliver your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for a fixed price within an agreed timescale
  • If you have diverse assets or more complex structures are required, we will liaise with your other advisers to craft a bespoke solution for an agreed price.

Next steps

Either go straight to our Settify portal and start whenever you’re ready or set up your virtual meeting for a preliminary chat with one of our experts before you begin the questionnaire.

For more information please contact Fiona Lewsey or Lauren Marlow.

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