3 Mar 2016

Coinciding with this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC16), Legal Tech start-up Pekama has launched the… Read more

Coinciding with this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC16), Legal Tech start-up Pekama has launched the first mobile messaging/collaboration app specifically designed for and with the legal sector.

Pekama’s mobile app was launched at an exclusive event co-hosted by Taylor Vinters on 25 February at London’s Gaucho, which was attended by 60 managing partners of law firms, patent attorneys, investors and entrepreneurs interested in legal tech. Pekama is Taylor Vinters’ first equity investment into a technology business – and is thought to be the first of its kind in the industry.

Ed Turner, Managing Partner at Taylor Vinters, says:

“In the past, the legal sector has been reticent to embrace new technology or to change traditional working models. The increasing need to acquire and implement technology is driving consolidation in the legal sector, which risks creating a homogenized offering for clients.

“As a mid-size law firm, we can’t afford to develop in-house the technology that we see as essential to delivering further value to clients. However, we can support innovative Legal Tech and benefit in the sharing of this technology sector-wide.

“Cloud-based, mobile technology such as Pekama frees us from the burden of capital projects we cannot afford, allows us to leverage the wider market, to be more flexible to client needs and supports the types of collaborative relationships with like-minded law firms and legal tech businesses that we believe is needed to sustain the future of Independent Law.”

Pekama’s cloud-based lawyer collaboration software enables lawyers, clients and related third parties to communicate in real-time while eradicating email congestion, and giving them permission-based access to legal documents so all parties are kept up to date on the progress of each legal matter.

Ze’ev Fisher, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pekama says:

“While there’s been a lot of media excitement around driverless cars and virtual reality at the Mobile World Congress, this is all Sci-fi stuff for professions such as the legal sector, which until now had no way of working from their mobile devices beyond responding to emails. That’s not the branded, modern mobile experience clients now expect and it’s a costly productivity sap for the lawyers.

“A true mobile experience means lawyers can review documents across entire cases they are working on and communicate these updates with colleagues and clients as appropriate, all within a single, centralised app and while on the move. The Pekama app can be white labelled and therefore presents a cohesive brand experience for clients and third-party stakeholders.”

In December, Pekama closed a successful second round of undisclosed funding from investors including Ben Gammon at Rockspring Ventures, Guy Feld co-fund manager of Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Unit Trust, Nick Balon Cambridge business angel, and Israeli law firm Lior Pick & Co. Further equity investments by Taylor Vinters into innovative technology start-ups are due to be announced in the coming months and is part of the law firm’s ongoing strategic repositioning, strengthening the business’s focus on its technology and entrepreneurial wealth clients.