16 Mar 2022

RAPID contract review from Taylor Vinters now offers clients an easier way to review their contracts, from a single document to a large contract portfolio.

The solution leverages powerful artificial intelligence to enable clients to quickly review new and unsigned agreements to understand risk and decide whether to sign or negotiate. Combined with the capability to also review signed agreements, RAPID is well positioned to offer best-in-class contract review.

Matt Meyer, Taylor Vinters CEO, comments:

“Where we can bring technology to the problems our clients face, we will always take that opportunity. Whether it’s to achieve better or new outcomes, be more cost effective or just get things done quicker and with less friction, RAPID delivers that.”

Claire Green, Partner at Taylor Vinters, added:

“We’ve listened to our clients and developed an alternative solution that provides fast, cost effective and efficient understanding of a whole portfolio of contracts or those that are in flight. RAPID reviews and focuses on the real risks to their business without needing an army of individuals.”

For more information about RAPID, click here.

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