26 Apr 2017

A round-up of developments in UK employment law which HR teams need to know about.

The debate around the Future World of Work continues apace. Following on from Taylor Vinters’ submission to the BEIS inquiry a few months ago, our attention now turns to the Modern Employment Review being chaired by Matthew Taylor.

In preparation for that, we’ve started speaking to some of our clients about what their future workplaces and workforces might look like – and the insights so far have been fascinating. There are big issues at play such as the role of artificial intelligence, increased automation, tax avoidance and social responsibility for vulnerable workers. This is just the start of the debate and we welcome views from anyone who wishes to contribute, so please get in touch. More to follow in the next employment update…

In the meantime, it is evident that the law has long struggled to keep up with business in a digital age. The recent gig economy “worker status” cases have convinced me that the law must now adapt more quickly and make the rules clearer for business. Even for traditional employment models, the use of technology by employees to store confidential information and develop business networks can leave employers vulnerable when they leave.

We have articles this month which focus on precisely these issues, including guidance on how to protect business contacts on LinkedIn and other similar platforms.   And when it comes to theft of confidential information, there are salutary lessons for both employers (you won’t get big damages if you have not suffered loss) and employees (you may get a criminal record for breaching data protection laws).

Alongside this newsletter, our most recent podcasts reflect the most important talking points in HR and employment law today. We have recorded discussions on each of the Future World of Work, gender pay gap reporting and protecting business contacts online. They are now available to download on iTunes or by clicking on the link below.

Finally, it gives me huge pleasure to congratulate three of my highly talented employment team colleagues: Rachel Ashwood, Scott Glacken and Kate Martin. From 1 May, Rachel is promoted to a Senior Counsel role and Scott moves up to Senior Associate. Kate has also recently completed her training contract with us and has joined the team as a newly-qualified Associate. These well-deserved promotions highlight the breadth of employment law expertise Taylor Vinters offers.

Please enjoy the articles below and let us know what you think. And, for something different, I’ve recorded some video highlights here for those who want to find out a little more.

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