People Summit Series

Our People Summit Series brings together strategic decision-makers, experienced HR practitioners and senior executives responsible for managing, retaining and attracting talented people.

Embracing Technology in Recruitment

As more employers embrace the future world of work, we are seeing an increasing use of technology in recruitment. HR Tech is a growing industry.

For some employers, it can speed up the process considerably, particularly when dealing with large volumes of job applications. Algorithms can sift through CVs in seconds (when humans might take hours). Game technology and artificial intelligence can perform assessments on behavioural and personality traits, tailored to the requirements of the role. It has the potential to be transformative in ensuring businesses recruit the best candidates, from a truly diverse talent pool.

However, it can also create business risk and have unintended consequences, if it is misunderstood or lacks transparency. Over-reliance on technology may inadvertently screen out talented candidates or result in outcomes that compound unconscious human bias, rather than eliminating it. This session is aimed at providing an accessible overview of how a blended approach of tech and human input leads to robust, merit-based hiring decisions that deliver real value to employers.

As always, this will be an interactive, small-group discussion and we would welcome your perspectives. If you are using this tech in your own organisation, how is that working for you? What have you learnt from doing it? If it is something you have considered but decided not to implement, why is that?


  • Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 09.00AM (GMT) – FULLY BOOKED


  • Host: Dominic Holmes – Partner & Co-Head of Employment, Taylor Vinters
  • Co-Host: Rachel Ashwood – Senior Counsel, Taylor Vinters
  • Speaker: Joy Poole – Founding Partner, Emergence
  • Speaker: Riham Satti – CEO and Co-Founder, MeVitae


Using Zoom, from the comfort of wherever you are. Full joining instructions will be provided in advance.

The event will be hosted using Zoom, a third-party platform. Please bear in mind we don’t control Zoom’s terms of service , so are unable to take any responsibility for your use of Zoom.



Taking the positives: Creating better workplaces

Our latest People Summit Series event focused on the positive learning experiences that have resulted from the upheaval of recent months and how these were likely to shape business structures, culture and a create better working experience in which talented individuals can thrive.

We recognised that most employers and their staff have experienced an extremely difficult period, with the likelihood of further challenges and difficult decisions to come. In the sessions we discussed the things that have made people proud to be part of their organisation and shared lessons from our own experience that we believe will help businesses build resilient, positive workplaces in the longer term.

A summary of the topics discussed during the session is available here.


Insights: Employment and HR