7 Apr 2021

As technology is getting smarter, AI and machine learning are coming to the fore. Whilst we still need a human driver, data-informed decision making is key for the next generation of innovation as well as productivity gains and the inevitable shift in workforce from traditional job roles to those of the future.

Matt Meyer speaks with Benjamin Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Agrimetrics – the Agrifood Data Marketplace building the national infrastructure for open and ethical sharing and interconnecting of data across the agriculture sector.

Benjamin discusses the importance of earning trust within the industry to foster the adoption, and growth of the data marketplace within agriculture – in turn supporting a long term sustainable future for the industry. Benjamin touches on his own personal journey that led him to Agrimetrics, and how his experiences have shaped his leadership approach as well as the foundations that Agrimetrics is built upon – with ethical data governance firmly at the heart of the business – intrinsically woven into the fabric of their working practices.

To learn more about the role data is playing in the future of the agrifood sector, listen to the full podcast here.