Inspired and fuelled by our recent journey and activities in the impact investment space, we’re proud to bring you a collection of podcasts, having conversations with key figures in the impact space.

Impact investment is not an unusual conversation to hit our channels now-a-days. Listening to these conversations we quickly realized, it’s imprecise and without consensus. There was a shocking lack of data. Naturally, we wanted to investigate this ourselves.

By listening to the opinions and experiences of a cross section of experts in impact investment, the report provides a candid and authoritative view of the UK’s impact investing ecosystem in 2022, as well as investigating and identifying how the rate of innovation in this ecosystem can be accelerated in the years ahead.

But the conversations didn’t stop there! We had the pleasure of talking to key figures in the impact space in a series of podcasts hosted by Kieran John.

Read more about Impact Investment Intentionality and Innovation in our report here. 

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