22 Jun 2020

This is first in the series of practical guidance for employers on how to manage and resolve HR related data privacy issues in the workplace.

Under the GDPR, an individual can make a Subject Access Request (SAR) at no personal cost and with relative little effort.

Sitting alongside this, the pressure on employers to compile, review and present the information requested within the applicable time limits, has never been greater. In the current climate of COVID-19, there is likely, in our view, to be an increase in the number of SARs from employees who’ve been either furloughed (so have more time on their hands) or laid off (so may be aggrieved) during the pandemic. It is now more important than ever that an employer can navigate their way through the influx of SARs to come.

We’ve set out here, 10 key steps to be taken, when handling a SAR: