Running a Social Venture

Join our very own Emma Millar and Kieran John to gain insight on how to run a social venture.

During this 60 minute webinar, we’ll explore five key topics that cover the basics for any early-stage social venture:

• Funding – sourcing and securing
• Governance – evolving the governance structure and taking key decisions
• Purpose – measuring and reporting impact
• People – building a team
• Growth – IP strategy and international expansion

Emma Millar and Kieran John will draw on their wealth of experience in helping researchers and entrepreneurs to introduce key concepts and lead us through the basics of running a social venture. The webinar will also include a Q&A session with our presenters.

WHEN: Thursday 30 June // 10:00am -11:00am


Register here to start your journey as a social venture founder!

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar does not constitute legal advice.

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