Practical strategies for data protection, privacy and cyber security

Data is at the heart of every business and organisation, whether it concerns customers, employees or third parties. Having a free flow of data is crucial to driving innovation in your business, and to enable this it’s equally vital to ensure protection and compliance at every stage.

Security breaches can be highly damaging. Effective data protection and cyber security requires robust, pre-emptive data handling strategies, from acquisition to storage to usage to transfer. Our advice can help you implement best practice, reduce and manage risk and comply with regulations across a range of data types and jurisdictions.

We not only know the law; we also understand the technology it applies to. As a firm with a leading reputation for technology and innovation, we provide practical and knowledgeable solutions, including and up to the minute cyber security advice; for example how to counter security weak spots proliferated by the astonishing growth of IoT (the Internet of Things). Our insights into how cyber criminals work and the methods they use will also make your defensive strategies all the more effective.

Should the worst happen and you suffer a data breach or other infringement of the rules, we can help mitigate the impact, provide advice on retrieving the situation and defend you against litigation.

Our specialist interdisciplinary team can help with:

  • Multi-jurisdictional projects for strategic or compliance purposes
  • Data/GDPR compliance
  • GDPR toolkit for HR practitioners
  • Cyber crime, including pharming, phishing, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Data security, breaches and notification
  • Data privacy policies, notices, consents and terms and conditions
  • HR-related data and its management throughout the employment cycle


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