Because your family matters

A family dispute, such as divorce or relationship breakdown, means you’ll be wondering what the future holds, how will it affect your children, and how can you safeguard your financial security?

Naturally you’ll want to make sense of the issues, and resolve them. We’ll listen, and give you a straightforward, honest explanation of how the law applies to your situation. As we work towards a resolution, we’ll keep you fully informed and help you feel positive about the future.

We resolve many complex family disputes, particularly for business innovators and entrepreneurs who find empathy in our own innovative, open-minded approach. As like-minded professionals, we understand your business and personal pressures; our constructive advice will help you move on, so you can focus on your business.

Court proceedings won’t necessarily be the right answer for you, particularly if you have a reputation to protect and want to minimise publicity. We’ll offer you a genuine choice of routes to settle your personal situation. Negotiation is often the most effective and compassionate course, and we’re highly experienced in these methods, including alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Litigation is usually the last resort, yet if we have to go to court, we’ll be decisive and determined.

Our common sense approach and ingenuity in finding pragmatic solutions will help to bring calm, and the result you seek.

Typically, we’re asked to help with:

  • Pre- and post-marital and civil partnership agreements.
  • Separation, divorce and co-habitation issues.
  • Working with finance professionals to protect your business interests.
  • Settling inheritance, succession and Will disputes.
  • Resolving cross-border disputes about children and substantial financial sums.
  • Negotiating for high profile individuals.
  • Safeguarding ex-pats’ assets across many jurisdictions.
  • Advising on tax and trusts, and mitigating impact on trust assets.


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