Managing your global workforce

As your workforce expands and matures across the globe, the time required to ensure legal compliance across every jurisdiction where you have a presence inevitably increases.

Our ONE model simplifies your workload and gives you the confidence that your global workforce management is consistently legally compliant, efficient and effective.

We use our extensive international experience and expertise, and our global connections with local counsel, to deliver the support you need when you need it, regardless of location or time zone. We serve as your primary advisor and single point of contact, to help you understand local law and associated risks, and apply them to your strategies in a way that fits with your business culture and corporate values.

Our ONE model can become an integral part of your legal operations, or feed into your legal operations department if you have one. It is flexible to meet the diverse demands and structure of our clients’ businesses.

Save time and be better informed, with ONE

ONE is our international counsel model that supports you with expert legal insights from around the world, in the format you require. Our ONE model accesses the local legal and commercial knowledge of leading lawyers globally, coordinates it and delivers it as unified, tailored support.

As we are always your ONE primary advisor and ONE point of contact, you benefit from straightforward control, clarity and simplicity. Our aim is to be an extension of your team, saving you time and easing your workload by providing exactly the information you need, when you need it.

‘The Taylor Vinters team have really helped drive value in our global HR model.  They have brought consistency, oversight and have helped us drive down legal demand with the effect of reducing legal spend and helping HR to increase the quality of advice back to the business.   We have collaborated together to implement simple but effective processes and methods to manage legal budgets, using data collected by Taylor Vinters to monitor and track progress.  It is a great partnership’

Vice President Human Resources

ONE helps solve your workforce challenges

Through our experience and by getting to know your business and HR/legal function, we ensure our ONE model deals effectively with the global labor issues you face, to make your life easier.

Managing your global workforce

Managing multiple local counsel efficiently – Dealing with local counsel across several jurisdictions can be a huge drain on your time, especially when they are unfamiliar with your business, culture and risk appetite. With the ONE model, we are your single point of contact, thoroughly immersed in your business needs and briefing local counsel accordingly – saving you the time and effort.

Managing your global workforce

Simplifying global issues – Receiving fragmented information from numerous local counsel adds complexity and makes effective strategic planning difficult, if not impossible. Through the ONE model, we provide easily accessible, comprehensive and up to date global oversight on all the legal issues affecting your workforce. We offer data-driven insights on cost, matter, location and more, to identify hot spots, trends and learning points. Together with regular status reports, this helps inform and drive your longer-term strategy.

Managing your global workforce

Eliminating inconsistency – Relying on advice that your decentralized businesses source locally can result in inconsistent quality and cost, and is often difficult to monitor. The ONE model sees beyond local operational issues, appreciating that a global organization needs to make some key strategic decisions at HQ level.

Managing your global workforce

Providing unified advice – Seeking local advice in isolation inevitably results in varying quality, style and language, adding to your workload. With the ONE model, we are always your primary adviser, applying strict quality control and delivering advice that is solutions-focused, readily digestible and dependable.

Managing your global workforce

Straightforward cost control with better value – Managing costs and invoicing across multiple local counsel is an inefficient, time-consuming admin burden. The ONE model takes care of it all for you. We negotiate preferential rates with local counsel based on volume, apply strict discipline on fee estimates, timely invoicing and allowable expenses, and ensure you only receive one invoice per matter, per month. Our clients report significant cost savings through utilizing the ONE model.

Managing your global workforce

Ensuring a timely response – If you’re working with multiple local counsel, you’ll know their speed of response can vary considerably. We make sure that the local counsel we select understand what multinational businesses really want. If you need out of hours support or urgent turnaround, ONE will deliver.

Managing your global workforce

Working with the best, globally – We have established productive relationships with multiple local counsel in all major business locations globally. You can rely on ONE to source, test and continually evaluate trusted local counsel in practically any jurisdiction.

Experienced and practical

ONE is always pragmatic and relevant. By ensuring that we understand your business, we can focus on helping you achieve your objectives across all jurisdictions. We’ll also draw on our own extensive experience to make recommendations on key issues such as:

  • Change management and strategic projects – global and local restructuring, workforce reduction, collective redundancies and union issues.
  • Corporate M&A support – from employment due diligence in unfamiliar jurisdictions, to post-close integration work.
  • Disputes and litigation – employment tribunals, court cases, multi-party claims and boardroom disputes.
  • Tricky people issues – employee relations, grievances, exit negotiations, senior level hiring and firing, ill health, discrimination, diversity and equality.
  • Risk management – contracts, handbooks/policies, confidentiality and business protection, restrictive covenants and team moves.
  • Employee investment – motivating and retaining your talented people, incentive schemes, employee benefits and bespoke training for managers.
  • HR data protection – achieving and maintaining data protection and compliance for HR documents, systems and processes. To read more, please click here.

In harmony with your team

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