Protecting your assets

Successful and entrepreneurial people know that sometimes you have to take risks to build wealth.

When it comes to your own wealth though, you don’t need to take the same risks. Instead with a little time and focus there are some simple things you can do to protect your personal wealth. Whether proactively dealing with tax planning and asset structuring, planning for family succession or anticipating the impact of changes in your life or dealing with the challenges that you least expected, it helps to take advice from those experienced in dealing with these issues for people like you.

We often find ourselves advising on:

  • Personal tax planning and setting up trust structures
  • Will writing to ensure your wishes are fulfilled in the most tax efficient manner to preserve your wealth for others
  • Managing complex probates involving corporate as well as personal assets
  • Dealing with changes to your matrimonial and family circumstances
  • Helping acquire and dispose of private real estate, whether apartments in London or farms and estate in the East of England

Particular care needs to be taken when your business and personal assets and relationships are intertwined. We have the time and the experience to give these issues the proper and sensitive attention they need.

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