Future Focus Series: Fresh thoughts on environment and innovation

Taylor Vinters in partnership with Oxfordshire Greentech

Co-hosted by Taylor Vinters and Oxfordshire Greentech, our Future Focus series highlights the innovative thinking and business practices that will tackle the world’s greatest challenges.


Can we take holidays and fly abroad without worrying about our impact on the environment, cultures and climate? We could, with the two mitigating approaches discussed in this session.

Adam Cornish, Co-Founder of Global Dream Travel, explains his company’s unique trip experiences built around sustainability, sensitivity and net zero emissions, and how leisure and business travellers can minimise their individual impact. Then Peter Edwards, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Oxford spin-out OxCCU, describes how his company’s disruptive technology converts CO2 to sustainable aviation fuel, allowing the aviation industry to decarbonise cost-effectively.

WHEN: Wednesday 8 December 2021 at 9.30-11.00AM
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Adam Cornish drew on his e-commerce and travel industry career to understand what vacationers really want from a high quality, personal and unique trip experience. Combining that with his sensitivity towards delicate environments and indigenous cultures, he co-founded Global Dream Travel, uniting locally engaged tourism with climate-positive travel.

Peter Edwards, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University of Oxford, is focused on providing innovative clean energy to protect our climate system. With his OxCCU partner Dr Tiancun Xiao, he has explored how hydrogen stripping from fossil fuels, CO2 capture and hydrogenation can revolutionise air travel by enabling carbon-neutral flights.

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Once a wonder material, plastic is now seen as a critical threat to the planet. Session one explored two very different yet promising routes to counter this, using behavioural change and a novel catalytic process.

Tony McGurk introduced his company Cryptocycle and revealed how the pioneering digital technology that powers their Reward4Waste brand can ensure that end of use shouldn’t mean end of life for plastic. Then Dr Tiancun Xiao of OxCCU talked about how biodegradable plastics can made from CO2 and H2 – technology that would position the UK as a world leader in CO2 utilisation.

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In the last two years, we’ve seen the rise of veganism and footfall at local farmers markets, as well as many people realising the environmental, ethical and health implications of what’s on their plate. We also know our current food systems are fundamentally unsustainable – both for the planet and for those in food poverty. But what will our food look like in the future?

In this session we were joined by Mike Mason, Visiting Research Fellow at University of Bath, and Nina Osswald, GFO Network and Projects Co-ordinator at Good Food Oxford, to discuss the future of food.

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