Making your Will – who matters most to you?

We’re sure you want your assets to go to the people who are most important to you. Yet you will only have control if you have a Will. A Will means you decide who benefits from your estate, and when and how they benefit.

Without a Will, the intestacy rules determine who administers and benefits from your estate when you die, and the outcome may not be what you intended. For example, under the intestacy rules a cohabitant who is not your spouse or civil partner would receive nothing.

If you’ve recently bought or are about to buy a property, now is a particularly good time to make a Will, or review your existing Will. Even if you’re not resident in the UK, it’s still advisable to have a UK Will to deal with your assets here.

Amongst other things, your Will can ensure your wishes are carried out for:

  1. Funeral arrangements
  2. Appointment of executors (to deal with the administration of your estate)
  3. Appointment of guardians (to look after your children if you die before they are 18)
  4. Gifts of your personal possessions and digital assets
  5. Cash gifts
  6. Gifts of business or agricultural assets
  7. How your residuary estate will be dealt with
  8. Longstop beneficiaries

Equally, if there is someone specific who you would not like to benefit from your estate, or you believe there could be a dispute after you die, a Will can help you to avoid this.

We can also help you structure your wealth to achieve your estate planning objectives and to dovetail parts of your assets, such as your pensions and life assurance policies. You might like to consider setting up a trust to protect your wealth and to provide for future generations, whilst still offering flexibility.

You can benefit from our full range of private client services, including Lasting Powers of Attorney, estate administration on death (“probate”) and trust administration. Our Family team can also help with pre- and post-marital agreements, separation, divorce and co-habitation issues.

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