Engaging with consumers

Helping you protect your brand, ensure compliance and build consumer trust

In an increasingly digitised world, your customers are the most engaged they’ve ever been; they know their rights and your obligations, and aren’t afraid to express opinions publicly.

Every interaction you have with your customers has an impact. Whether you provide goods or services to consumers, or platforms for B2C trading, successfully building your business and brand depends on creating positive customer experiences at every stage of your relationship.

Whichever sector you operate in, it’s vital to understand the relevant legal and regulatory framework, to ensure compliance with the complex rules governing consumer protection, e-commerce and digital media. This understanding will reduce the risk of negative publicity and claims, and can help strengthen your client relationships and reputation.

Transparency is key to interacting with consumers and complying with consumer law. You need to operate in a way consumers can easily understand. If you operate an online platform that enables other businesses to provide goods or services to consumers, there are additional regulations you need to consider too.

We can help you navigate:

  • E-commerce: website compliance, e-commerce and m-commerce terms and conditions
  • Online platforms and market places: creating online platforms and market places, and the rules that govern them
  • Promotions: promotional advertising, marketing campaigns, prize draws and competitions
  • Enforcement Action: Advertising Standards Authority complaints and enforcement action taken by Trading Standards and OFCOM

Our specialist interdisciplinary team can guide you through these requirements, helping you stay compliant and engage positively with your consumer clients. To lighten your workload and provide extra reassurance, we also offer the time-saving benefits of our Virtual General Counsel (an ‘external in-house’ legal team, as and when you need them) and RAPID, for fast and accurate AI-power contract portfolio review.

You may be just starting to sell to consumers online, have been trading for many years or are setting up an online platform or market place for B2C trading. Our insights and support can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on building your business, whilst maintaining compliance, consumer trust and loyalty.

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