Making the most of your intellectual property

Your intellectual property is at the heart of your business, so it’s essential both to protect it, and realise its full value.

It may be tempting to rush to market with your innovations and research, so you can secure a lead. But it’s vital to safeguard their value first, legally and commercially. This is especially true where your markets are international and multi-jurisdictional. You’ll need the support of a team that’s fully conversant with worldwide regulations for registration and licensing, and which has the legal strength to defend successfully against infringements.

Our expert advice can make sure your IP is effectively protected and fully exploitable from the outset. We’ll seamlessly integrate this with advice from our dedicated patents team, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from your innovations. This support extends worldwide, combining our UK-based expertise with that of our trusted, international legal network.

By devoting the time to understand both your technology and your business goals, we’ll be in the best position to negotiate effective licensing and franchising deals, and when necessary, mount the most rigorous defence.

Our commercial and technology lawyers specialise in life sciences, digital health and other pioneering technology, combining wide-ranging scientific knowledge (their qualifications include several science degrees and a PhD), with astute commercial judgement. We’re painstaking with details, yet respond quickly and defend your interests tenaciously.

Your intellectual property is fundamental to ensuring great things happen for your organisation. Talk to us at the earliest opportunity about our proactive, international approach to making the most of it.


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