Strategic management of your IP globally

Whether you are a growing start-up or an established multi-national, a commercially driven IP strategy should be at the top of your agenda.

In a global economy, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a strategic plan for protecting, monetising and enforcing your IP around the world. Taking a piecemeal approach will simply result in high costs, a heavy administrative burden and poor return on investment. Those businesses that implement a business-led strategy for the protection and management of their IP can create substantial cost efficiencies, reduce management time and, most importantly, ensure that their IP is creating the most value for the business.

The answer is ONE

ONE IP is our proven, centrally-managed service for managing your IP globally. We provide you with ONE central point of contact, who will get to know your business and coordinate a team of experts and local counsel around the world to deliver streamlined advice in line with your strategic objectives. No matter what size your IP portfolio, you will receive the highest quality of strategic advice delivered with refreshing clarity and tailored to your specific needs.

What can you expect

  • Seamless global support – whether you operate in one country or one hundred, with our ONE IP service you can be assured of consistency of advice delivered in line with your strategic objectives with ONE primary advisor and ONE dedicated point of contact.
  • A strategy driven approach – regardless of the size of your IP portfolio, we will work with you to implement a commercially driven IP strategy that will help you target spend, reduce costs and maximise the return on your investment, all whilst ensuring you derive the maximum possible value from your IP.
  • Integrated technology for smarter IP management, cost tracking and reporting – we are passionate about the use of technology to improve processes, reduce administration and drive cost-efficiencies. Through our ONE IP model we can help you control local counsel fees, track and report on costs and improve efficiencies, all whilst maintaining the high quality of service you demand.

To benefit from our ONE service that complements your in-house expertise and makes the most of your IP globally, simply and cost-effectively, please get in touch.

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