Safeguarding and profiting from your IP overseas

The further you expand internationally – to the UK, Europe and beyond – the more imperative it becomes to establish a globally effective intellectual property and brand strategy.

Each jurisdiction has its own specific challenges. Yet a coordinated and integrated multi-jurisdictional approach can make sure your IP, brand and trade marks are effectively protected and ready to realize their full value across all your markets.

A seamless, joined-up global IP and brand strategy will save you time and reduce your administrative workload. It will simplify registration and licensing, and ensure you are able to defend robustly against IP and trade mark infringements, whilst maximizing all opportunities to exploit your IP and patents, and strengthen your brands.

The answer is ONE

You can benefit from such a strategy through our ONE international counsel model. ONE brings you the crucial advantages of local legal, cultural and market insight from leading lawyers around the globe. We coordinate their advice and provide it as ONE – an integrated service managed by us to consistently high standards. No matter how many international lawyers are involved, you enjoy clarity and simplicity; we are always your ONE primary advisor and ONE point of contact.

ONE will support you throughout in every aspect of your IP, brands and trade marks, from registration in your chosen markets, to negotiating remunerative licensing and franchising deals, to detecting and contesting infringements or abuse. You’ll benefit from the on-the-spot, up-to-date knowledge of our worldwide network of trusted expert lawyers, delivered with refreshing clarity and tailored to your specific needs.

Tailored around you

Our ONE service effectively becomes an in-house service for you. We’ll understand and support your business needs, ease your workload and provide proactive advice that alerts you to trends and legislation which could impact your business.

To benefit from our ONE service that complements your in-house expertise and makes the most of your IP globally, simply and cost-effectively, please get in touch.

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