Patents – harnessing innovation, maximising potential

Simply filing for patent protection is not enough to maintain your advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Registered rights such as patents are essential weapons in your IP armoury, yet without a robust intellectual property strategy those weapons may be ineffective against external threats.

Our team of experts provides a strategic, commercially focused approach to patents that considers the interplay with your trade secrets, trade marks, designs and copyright, and the impact on your broader business and legal objectives.

We take a bespoke approach to your patents and intellectual property, providing the advice you need, when you need it. You’ll benefit from an integrated, cross-disciplinary service that includes not only the expertise of our dedicated patents team, but also our experience with brands, disputes, commercial exploitation and regulatory.

We have particularly broad and deep knowledge of physical, life science and digital health projects. Whatever your specialisation, we will take the time to understand your technology and how it relates to your business goals. Working closely with our Singapore office Taylor Vinters Via and through our ONE international counsel model of trusted local law firms worldwide, we provide commercially relevant, targeted advice to help you identify, protect, exploit and enforce your valuable innovations internationally.

As strategic experts, our role is bigger than ‘simply’ advising in relation to your own patents, trade secrets and designs. We look at the bigger picture and will work with you to expose third party infringement risks, establish and safeguard your own patent space and highlight licensing and exploitation opportunities.

This seamless, pragmatic support from a single, expert source can save you valuable time and expense.

Our, all-inclusive patent, design and trade secret capability includes:

  • Preparation and implementation of IP strategy.
  • Patent drafting, prosecution and portfolio management.
  • European patent oppositions and appeals.
  • Design registration, prosecution and portfolio management.
  • Invention harvesting and record retention.
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates.
  • Trade secret management.
  • IP due diligence support.
  • Market & technology freedom to operate search and analysis.
  • Patent landscaping.
  • IP litigation.
  • IP licensing and commercial exploitation.

Whether you have an existing patent portfolio or are a new company looking to protect your innovation, talk to us and we will help maximise your potential.

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