Helping innovative charities and social ventures achieve their potential

Charities and social ventures are at the forefront of social change and making great things happen, in the UK and around the world. We offer a specialist, seamless service to help innovative charities and social ventures deliver their strategic and operational plans.

We specialise in advising innovative charities and exciting social ventures. Typically, we work with social entrepreneurs, founders and charity trustees and executives, helping our clients to manage risk, take informed decisions and leverage valuable networks.

We work with the full range of purpose-driven organisations, from start-ups to charities over 350 years old, and both local and globally. What is common to our clients is a commitment to positive social change, and a willingness to use innovative methods and ideas to achieve this.

Our team is designed to support these kinds of innovative charities and social ventures with a seamless service, complementing Taylor Vinters’ broader networks and clients among innovators and entrepreneurs. We therefore have particular expertise in:

  • Collaborating with others – designing and implementing collaborative projects with charities, social ventures, academic institutions and commercial partners, as well as spin-out and merger projects;
  • Purpose, ethics and transparency – defining your purpose, adopting ethical policies and approaches, and increasing transparency while mitigating risks;
  • Developing digital products and services for beneficiaries, and digital transformation – including specialist advice on technology contracts, data protection and privacy, managing technology consultants and website redesign;
  • Commercialisation projects to develop new funding streams – such as through new ventures, spinning out operations to seek external investment and development, or building a franchise model;
  • Brand monitoring and protection in the UK and globally, to support expansion plans and external partnerships;
  • Working internationally, including employment arrangements, financial sanctions payment systems and regulatory reporting requirements;
  • Legal and governance structures – designing the legal and governance framework for new projects and collaborations, advising on board responsibilities and restructuring;
  • Regulatory and risk management – strategic management of internal and external investigations and litigation, including regulatory enquiries, serious incident reporting, data protection complaints and fundraising regulation;

We are responsive and flexible, offering a tailored service for each client depending on their timeframes and budget. For many of our clients, we’ve become effectively an in-house resource, providing day-to-day support for their legal and regulatory needs with a deep understanding of their people and organisation.

Other clients prefer to consult us on a project-by-project basis, starting with the early strategic discussions, dealing with legal documentation and seeing through a project to fruition and review.

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs to manage their legal costs and have a range of options to help our charity and social ventures to access our specialist advice with fair and transparent costs.

If you’re an innovative charity or social venture, or have an idea for one, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you and see if we can help.


Insights: Charities and Social Ventures

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