Specialist advice to help grow your technology-based business

Some of the most spectacular UK business growth of the last few years has been in companies creating or enabled by pioneering technology. While many technology-driven start-ups succeed, stimulated by tax-efficient investments, some still struggle or fail. The right legal and commercial support for companies and their investors can make all the difference.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial business looking for early-stage advice or are seeking more investment as your plans take shape, as the go-to firm for technology-driven growth companies, we provide the specialist funding and investment expertise you need:

  • setting-up and initial funding
  • expansion and further investment
  • licensing and exploiting your technology
  • taking on and retaining staff and contractors
  • eventually selling your business or listing on AIM.

As well as emerging technology, life sciences and digital health businesses, we act for venture capitalists, angel investors and syndicates, and institutional investors, including investment funds specialising in seed capital, venture capital and growth equity. We also have long-standing experience in transactions with universities and research organisations.

Effectively acting as in-house lawyers, each of our team members can advise on a wide range of intellectual property, corporate, funding, share option and commercial issues. Having supported many technology-driven businesses, we can share our extensive legal and commercial experience. So we can advise, for example, on whether a deal deviates from the market norm, and how best to manage potential risk – rather than avoid it.

As you look to grow your business, it’s wise to consider your personal future and all that you are working for. We have set up a streamlined and convenient service for protecting your ownership and family.

We advise investors and tech companies in over a hundred private company financings each year, providing the catalyst for further growth opportunities. We’re always looking for technology-driven companies who would value our expertise, and hope we can make great things happen for your technology venture.





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