Managing people

People can be your greatest asset and your biggest headache. Get it right and they will carry your culture, share your vision and breathe life into your business. Getting it right though doesn’t happen by itself.

Good recruitment is a prerequisite but managing people, dealing with people issues and having a people strategy can make or break a business. For small, fast growth businesses the issues can be acute. For larger businesses and multinationals the impact of effective or ineffective people management may be hidden.

At Taylor Vinters we help you apply employment law in context. We advise on people management and people strategy. The law and requirements around processes are the framework with which we have to do something much more creative. We also recognise that the future of work is changing. Flexibility, engagement and participation are critical issues for the businesses we support. As the nature of the employment relationship and the drivers for employee performance change, we help our clients adapt.

Operating globally through our ONE international counsel model we support clients with:

  • Employee documentation, policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and engagement
  • Incentives
  • Complex senior exits
  • Restructuring and redundancy projects
  • Data privacy compliance
  • Outsourcing payroll and benefits processing
  • TUPE in mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing projects
  • Employment litigation and tribunals
  • Performance management
  • Harmonisation of HR globally
  • Tracking and reporting on HR trends and activity
  • Training senior managers on employment legislation

Applying employment law in the context of your business priorities, and with our experience of operating with businesses of all sizes globally, we are confident we can help you not just meet your people challenges head on, but anticipate and manage them.

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